Shores Reservoir Complex

Shores Reservoir Complex is located near Firestone Colorado.

Shores Reservoir is a gravel pit consisting of four cells which will be excavated and made into storage reservoirs by the construction of slurry walls around the perimeter of each cell. The slurry walls around the four ponds, A, B, C and D have been completed. The four cells work in conjunction with each other through a series of interconnects, inlet structures from three different canals, and a discharge pumpstation in Pond A. All of this allows for a large amount of water conveyance both into and out of the reservoirs. The slurry walls that surround these four below-grade reservoirs total 23,150 linear-feet. The bentonite slurry wall back fill was keyed into bedrock with a maximum depth of 32-feet creating approximately 4,500-acre feet of combined water storage.

Gravel mining is complete on Ponds B, C, and D. Pond A is partially mined and will be completed in the near future. The current outlet is a pump which delivers water to the Godding Hollow, which then flows into the Rural Ditch and is carried in the Rural Ditch to St. Vrain Creek. CCWCD has an agreement with the Rural Ditch Company for the right to use capacity in the Rural Ditch for delivery of water into and out of the Reservoir. CCWCD is negotiating with the Godding Ditch Company for a carriage right to increase the ability to fill the reservoirs at a quicker rate.

Future plans for Shores Reservoir includes three phases of construction. Phase 1 is a rip-rap rundown structure on Pond D. The run down consists of grouted rock for erosion and bank protection. Phase 1 will also include a 12-inch pipeline between Pond C & D. The purpose of this interconnect is to fill Shores D from the pumpstation in Shores Pond C and also be used to deliver water to the gravity outlet structure to be completed in Shores Pond C once completed. 

Phase 2 of construction will include a gravity discharge outlet from Pond C to the Rural Ditch. The discharge will include an estimated 2,250-feet of 24-inch pipe, 188-lineal feet bore under CR 26, the Rural and Last Chance Ditches and finally discharge into the Rural Ditch and the St. Vrain Creek. Phase 2 is currently in design phase, the design team is looking at the appropriate size and location of the pipe and related equipment.

Phase 3 will be a 5 CFS sloping column pump station with electrical controls in Pond C.  This pumpstation will allow us to draw down the water levels below the gravity outlet. The design will also include 2-inlets into Pond C, one from the Rural Ditch and the other from the Tri-Town drainage ditch.  Construction of all phases will be funded by the 2012 Bond and reserves in CCWCD and WAS.

WAS owns 80% and CCWCD owns the remaining 20% of the Shores project. There is a contract in place for WAS to lease the 20% storage space from CCWCD.

Source of Water: Rural Ditch, Godding Ditch, Mayfield Ditch, Cole Seepage Ditch, Boulder Creek through Rural and Godding Hollow. 
Date of Appropriation: May 31, 2000, 3500 acre feet - October 7, 2002, 1000 acre feet conditional.
Amount: 4500 acre feet.