Chatfield Reservoir Reallocation Project

More information including scheduled construction can be found at the Chatfield Storage Reallocation Project website. 

Chatfield Reservoir Concept

Constructed in 1965 through 1975 in response to a disastrous flood along the South Platte River, the reservoir was originally intended for flood control with the secondary purpose of establishing a water supply for the city of Denver. Drought and increasing demand on the South Platte River gave foresight to Central’s Board of Directors, who believed that reallocation of storage space at Chatfield Reservoir would be allowed in the future. After required legal filings, Central received a conditional water right for 26,000 acre-feet in 1984.  Central will own 14% of the reallocated storage; or approximately 2, 849 acre-feet. Central is the only Agricultural user of the 12 stakeholders involved in the project.

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March 2016, the Chatfield Technical Advisory Committee was formed. 

As recommended in the Compensatory Mitigation Plan of the FR/EIS for the storage reallocation, the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has officially been created. The recommendations made by the TAC will be documented in Recommendation Documents that will be posted here.

October of 2015 the Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Committee was formed. 

The Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Company is committed to implementing environmental mitigation and recreational modifications to allow reliable water storage to enhance water supplies for current and future generations. Visit their website at

On May 29, 2014

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USCE) signed the Record of Decision (ROD) for the Chatfield Reservoir Reallocation Project. The USCE approved the Water Providers preferred option, the reallocation of 20,600 Acre Feet (AF) of storage space for municipal, industrial, and agricultural use. Existing uses at Chatfield State Park, such as fishing, and other recreational uses will not change.

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November 17, 2013

Willoughby: Chatfield Reservoir expansion plan in hands of commission

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Randy Ray was quoted in this article as working for Centennial Water & Sanitation District and, as we all know, he is the Executive Director of Central Colorado Water Conservancy District.